Download One More Cup of Coffee

OMCOC_coverDownload the record, lyrics, and a note from Anna.


The original name of this record was going to be “Not There Yet,” which is the final song on the track list. Many of these songs were written during a time in my life where I felt super far behind the game. In my early and mid twenties, the most important people in my life began to move in different directions. For the first time, the previously linear path of life was no longer obvious to me.

It can be terrifying to watch everyone else seem to figure things out, while you’re still unclear about what you’re meant for. As I get older, I am learning that the uncertainty I feel in life is also what allows for the greatest possibilities. Writing these songs helped me process that fact.

In the end I decided to name the record after another track, “One More Cup of Coffee” because I began to realize that the most important parts of my life are the relationships I have — not the things I feel like I should be doing.

I’ve been very fortunate with the people who have been a part of my life — for both long and short amounts of time. Thank you to my wonderful friends and family for your unwavering support and the unshakable confidence you have in me.

Obviously, these songs resonate with me, but I am hopeful that they will mean something to others as well. That’s why I’m making the record available for free.

You have my permission and humble request to share this music with anyone you’d like.



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