Anna DiTommaso
  1. 95 -:-- / 03:49

I could hear my heartbeat outside my chest
as you were walking through the doorway
looking better than your best

And I guess I must of thought I stood a chance
cause I got up and I walked over
and I asked you for that dance

And ever since that day
no I haven’t been the same
I’ve been hopelessly romantic, babe
and you’re the one to blame

I’m taking 95 on home
where you are is where I’ll go
and even if I go alone
I know you’re waiting up at home

And every line I ever wrote about your eyes
well they fell so far short
they almost were a lie

And I stand a little taller by your side
yeah a little more confident
when your hand is in mine

And honey when you’re near
the whole world just disappears
it’s almost a little dangerous
how lost I get in you


And every word
that’s ever come out of my mouth
is just some watered down, compromise
of what you are about

You are anything and everything I need
now all that’s left
is just to get you next to me

I’m taking 95 on home
where you are is where I’ll go
I’m closing distance on this road
taking 95 on home

I can hear my heartbeat beat outside my chest
as I pull up into my driveway
you’re looking better than your best