All The Time

Anna DiTommaso
  1. All The Time -:-- / 3:58

Well I have never met someone like you
you close your eyes and do what you want to do
I’d be way too scared to turn my back
and let the world come to me

Your carefree attitude
just amazes me
the way you stick your arm into the breeze
as we drive down the busiest streets

And I’m addicted to your smile
seeing you makes the whole day worthwhile
I would drive for miles and miles
Just to be with you

And I, I don’t know why
but I just can’t get you off of mind
no matter how, how hard I try
you are all I think about
I think about you all the time
all the time

And I’m caught up in the moment
anytime that I’m with you
you can talk me into doing
the crazy things I thought I’d never do

And you are so incredible
I find it so implausible
I just cannot believe
how much of you there is to see


And I wish for just one moment
I could get inside your head
I want to see how you come up
with all the perfect things you’ve said

Your perspective blows my mind
you are so caring and so kind
and I wish the days were long
so that we could find more time


It’s your bright eyes
and the cool vibes
and the lame lines you shout
as I walk by
your sense of style
your crooked smile
the way you’d do anything for me

Yeah that’s exactly why
I just can’t
get you off of my mind
and I, I don’t want to try
you are all I think about
and I think about you all the time