One More Cup of Coffee

Anna DiTommaso
  1. One More Cup of Coffee -:-- / 02:49

“When you gonna write a song
about the way I make you feel?”
You ask me over that cup up coffee
I’m  behind my steering wheel

Well I keep my eyes
on the yellow lines
as I think of what to say

A million thoughts racing
through my head
cause you just won’t look away

And I park that car on the side of the road
of what’s the busiest street in town
I grab your hand and smile
say “never.”
And watch you as you frown

I could write about the
flights I took
to the other side of the world
quitting my job to chase my dreams
and missing warm gulf streams

But nothing that I every wrote
’bout you make me feel
could ever come close to
what your love is like for real

So I hope you’re alright being in my life
instead of the lines of a song
you know there’s nothing
that I would not do
for just for one more cup of coffee
with you

And I watch you
as you roll your eyes
and turn to look the other way
but the smile on the corner of your mouth
is giving you away

And I just lean in
and keep gushing on
I just can’t get enough
of your obviously fake disgust
oh I adore you when you blush

I could write about the books I read
and the life I’d like to lead
politics, religion, art
all the things
that I believe


And I smile and I laugh
just a little bit
as you’re taking another sip
I know you’re thinking
I’m in trouble
but honey that’s just not it

Cause if I made it my goal
just to make you melt
penning nothing but lines
about the way I’ve felt
since you walked into my life
well I’d never get it right

So if you’re alright being in my life
and not in the lines of a song
there’s only one thing to do
let’s go get one more cup of coffee
for you