Turn It Up

Anna DiTommaso
  1. Turn It Up -:-- / 03:52

Well your heart froze in the winter
you cut me down it two
you took off left a message
so I’ll sit here with the blues

My old friends, we ran out of drinks
we ran out of things to do
I swear if you come back around
I’m running, I’m running right out on you

I’m not the first and I won’t be the last
no wonder you never talked about your past
silly me, to think
you’re the one who’d been hurt

And I wonder ’bout those other girls
if they’d warned me
like I wanna warn here
I wanna scream
“honey cut and run”

‘Cause you’re a first class liar
and a last place saint
you’ve done all you could
just to break my faith
but i’ll plant my feet
and walk right through the flames

And you busted up my favorite songs
I still hear your voice
when I sing along
but I’ll turn ’em up
dance on through the pain
dance on through the pain

Deep breath, day one without you
get my feet on the floor
shower, dress, and coffee
just like the day before

And the sun shines through my window
like you never were around
I got things to do and places to be
and the world just won’t slow down

So I hop right out to the parking lot
get that old car out of park
but our song comes on the radio
as I turn the key to “start”

I won’t reach out
or change a thing
I’ll listen through the pain
and I wonder ’bout those other girls
if they ever felt the same


I still sing Come Around and Hurricane
almost everyday
those songs are mine
they belong to me
your voice will fade away

My old friends we ran out of drinks
we ran out of things to do
I think I’ll pick up my guitar
and write a nasty song about you